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Wills & Probate
Back to Menu We deal with the preparation of wills and related financial planning.

If a person dies without making a will, his property and money will be distributed under a strict legal formula which may have no bearing on what he may actually have wanted, which may in turn cause distress and even financial hardship for those left behind.

In most cases, after a straightforward discussion as to your exact requirements we can, inexpensively, prepare a will for you which will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your children, relatives and friends are provided for in the way that you would wish.

We also deal with the actual administration of estates, sorting out the necessary financial arrangements with e.g. banks, building societies, insurance companies and investment houses, sorting out outstanding bills and debts, dealing with the Inland Revenue and other authorities, and allocating the bequests and legacies to the appropriate beneficiaries in accordance with the will.